Caxton Street Festival 2015

The Arcade Creative successfully produced the 21st annual Caxton Street Festival, June 7, 2015.

Working in partnership with Caxton Street Development Association and a stakeholder working group of ten key licensees and retailers, The Arcade Creative was engaged to evolve the festival brand, program and image to reflect the new and different venue and retailer offerings that now exist in the Caxton Street Precinct since its recent rejuvenation.

Our project deliverables for the festival included re-imaging of the festival brand from ‘Caxton Street Seafood Festival’ to ‘Caxton Street Festival’, program conceptualisation and strategy, ticketing management, stakeholder management, sponsorship strategy and activation, entertainment bookings and logistics, branding and graphic design, website design and development, marketing, advertising, PR, social media, event management, volunteers management and collaboration with the client’s nominated co-producer and production partner.

The Arcade Creative successfully produced a safe and profitable event in 2015, attracting attendance of over 10,000 foodies and festival lovers to the street all in just three short months from concept to completion!

Check out the full photo gallery at Caxton Street Festival Facebook Page

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Date: 7th June 2015 Client: Caxton Street Development Association