Westfield Chermside Carols In Colour

Westfield Chermside invited Follow & The Arcade Creative to pitch for their 2014 Christmas Carols campaign and activation.

The brief was to create a ‘magical and modern’ carols campaign and event that brings families together to celebrate the magic of Christmas at Westfield Chermside, during a time when most customers relate retail centers to fancy sales tactics.

After presenting three concepts, ‘Carols In Colour’ was selected as the winning campaign; a modern take on the traditional carols format, incorporating coloured holi powder throwing with a Christmas carols concert to create a feel-good, family friendly, fun & interactive experience for Westfield customers and wider members of the Brisbane community.

The result was not only an explosion of colour and sound, but also an explosion of engagement, attendance and customer satisfaction from the 2500+ customers that attended the event at Westfield Chermside event despite wet weather conditions.

Delivery of services included overall concept development, branding and creative, full programming and entertainment bookings, management of all suppliers and stall holders, logistics, ticketing, production and event management, plus social media management and post production.

Check out the photo gallery at the Westfield Chermside Facebook Page.

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Date: December 2014 Client: Westfield Chermside Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/395170690639169/